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Your data becomes much more than a confusing collection of numbers and excel spreadsheets.

We are club owners ourselves. We had accumulated and were using quite a collection of “best in class” software to run our gyms. But even though we were spending time reviewing a ton of reports and data, it seemed like nobody had the complete picture. There had to be a better way! So we put together a team and a company to solve the problem.

At FitnessBI we combine the data from all of your Management Applications into a centralized Analytics Dashboard. Your data becomes much more than a confusing collection of numbers and excel spreadsheets. Now thousands of rows of data from your different applications can combine to drive visualizations that act as a big freeway sign, letting you know exactly where you should direct your efforts. Decisions will become obvious. Let FitnessBI be your competitive advantage that will send your clubs to the top!


Minutes a day pulling reports


Hours per month pulling reports


8 hour days per year pulling reports

What could you do with 22 days back?

“We found ourselves making decisions for our clubs based more on gut feeling than data. We were doing well, but were never quite sure if we could be doing better. Now that we have a 360 degree view of our data through the FitnessBI dashboards, our team is making the right decisions with confidence. We can back our ideas and initiatives with hard facts. The results have been great and we’re looking forward to an amazing year of serving our members better than ever before!”

– Robert Jackson CEO of Forma Gym

“Before Fitness BI, I spent a lot of time pulling reports from multiple software systems to gain insight on my team’s performance. We have two clubs, and that’s a lot of reports! I would find myself at a computer for hours, comparing reports from ABC Financial, Mind Body Online, Gymsales, and Medallia, just to name a few. As a Director of Sales, naturally this is not how I want to spend my time. The hours that I used to spend pulling reports I now spend doing work that really matters. Gone are the days of flipping back and forth through excel to find what I’m looking for. The data that used to be all over the place is now live and up to date at the press of a button allowing me to get ahead and make insightful business decisions.”

– Joshua Swalwell, Director of Sales Forma Gym

“As the Fitness Director of two clubs, I rely heavily on reporting to gauge the success of each club and each trainer. I’m the type of Fitness Director that is hands on with my team with the goal of helping each trainer succeed in this business. The biggest challenge we face is we use 4 different software systems. That means 4 different reports and a lot of my time dedicated to digging through data to find what I’m looking for. Since we started using Fitness BI, I get notifications when one of my KPI’s is at or below goal on my phone, tablet, or computer. Fitness BI gives me all the data I want with beautifully designed visuals.”

– David Miller, Fitness Director Forma Gym